O nama

Business rise

Our entrepreneurship began in 1990 by purchasing the site and founding the family company. Our business rise and blood typing serums production started in 1998 when the Croatian Ministry of Health granted BioGnost the License for manufacture of medical products.

Our production line and sales program quickly expanded through innovative development of our own products:  tests for determining pregnancy, ovulation, metabolites of narcotic drugs and infectious diseases, tumor markers, tests for determining blood glucose levels and urine biochemical parameters, as well as other methods of self-testing and laboratory equipment.

By implementing the international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001 we standardized the processes and in turn achieved better results, easier adapting and training of new members of personnel, more efficient system of planning and controlling, monitoring and rewarding the employees. Furthermore, besides arranging new distribution deals and dealerships, we feel it is important to mention many rewards and acknowledgments, as well as transition from small to medium-sized enterprise.


Regional leader

We proudly point out the fact that we are the regional leader in manufacturing immunohematologic and immunochromatographic in vitro diagnostic devices, and we aim to become the leading manufacturer in the fields of microbiological diagnostics and histopathology. Our company has a distinctive business image and a set of adopted values. We take pride in our employees and their knowledge, professional experience and skills, as well as their dedicated work that create a positive and stimulating work environment. BioGnost's team mainly consists of highly educated individuals with a multidisciplinary approach to work; they maintain their partnership and mutual appreciation by keeping their communication open and straightforward.

Our products and exclusive distributions and dealerships cover the fields of hematology, histopathology, immunohematology, immunochromatographic tests, laboratory and medical equipment, microbiology, microscopy and transfusiology. We keep track of your needs and expand our target markets, production lines and sales programs accordingly. Our business is represented on the international level by our sister companies, BioGnost S with the company headquarters in Belgrade, and BioGnost BH, with its headquarters located in Sarajevo.


Boldly stepping into the future with us

We take pride in achieving the biggest goal for the year 2012, and that is relocating to BioGnost’s new commercial and manufacturing building (located at Medjugorska 59, 10040 Zagreb). That in turn enabled advancement of work environment, as well as new business successes. The site's area of 3500 m² includes thoroughly devised structure of the warehouse, segmented production facility with increased manufacturing capacity and capability of additional investment in research and development of BioGnost’s products.