Our company's activity is divided into several branches.

The immunohematology range is the first and the oldest BioGnost’s product range. Since its inception we have strived to manufacture top of the line diagnostic devices, a principle we incorporated into the first products of this range – ABO and Rh blood typing serums. The range has since expanded and it consists of more than 70 products under the MonoGnost brand name. The range includes diagnostic reagents used in immunohematology (Bromelin, Albumin, Bio-Liss, AHG, Alsever).
The range extended into the field of transfusiology. We are exclusive distributors and dealers of renowned companies such as Immucor, Dominion, and CAPP. This part of the range includes consumables and transfusion medicine equipment.

The immunochromatography range consists of our own rapid diagnostic test intended for home and laboratory testing. The tests are our branded products covering the fields of fertility and pregnancy (GraviGnost, OvuGnost), drug addiction (AbuGnost, DOA MultiGnost), and diabetes. This range consists of over 100 types of assays.

The microbiology range consists of a wide range of products, such as rapid assays for detecting infectious diseases (HepaGnost, SyphiGnost, RotaGnost, AdenoGnost), but also the consumables – dehydrated microbiological culture media, animal blood, antibiotic discs and other products.
The range also includes reagents for fast and high quality analysis of food, water and cosmetics, as well as real-time polymerase chain reaction kits for pathogen detection.

The histology / citology range is the most massive of our ranges, consisting of 2000 products, 170 of which are our brand names. Some of the products include fixatives, alcohols for dehydration and rehydration, marking agents, differentiating and bluing agents, basic and special colors used in histology, as well as 30 types of VitroGnost glass slides and cover glasses, sample transport containers and preparations and other equipment storage containers.

We started developing the diabetes treating range consisting of products such as glucose meters, lancets, lancing devices and test strips based on the latest biosensor technology.

Additionally, we are the exclusive distributers of many renowned companies for the regions of Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as Immucor, Oxoid, ACON, Diapath, AbD Serotec, EVERmed, OrSense and others.