Ownership structure of BioGnost consists of two members: Ivan Marchiotti, MD, specialist in transfusion medicine and immunology and Mirjana Marchiotti-Ulip, MPharm.
They are characterized by intuition, creativity, independence, and mentoring relationship that motivates the employees to communicate their thoughts and ideas, which in turn improves the company's image. Every praise, encouragement, moderate control, and even sanction has a positive effect on overall growth and represents motivation for everyday business improvement.


Ivan Marchiotti


Having worked at the Institute of Immunology for 19 years, Ivan Marchiotti, Doctor of Medicine, specialist in transfusion medicine and immunology, decided to found BioGnost in 1990. With his wife Mirjana Marchiotti-Ulip's great support and his brother's loan, Doctor Marchiotti began the adventure of arranging the company's workspace and acquiring the License for manufacture of medical products. The production of the first line of BioGnost's products, blood typing serums, started in late 1997. During that period of the company's development, Doctor Marchiotti assembled a team of loyal associates, and with the help of their knowledge, skills and professional experience he started new production and sales programs. This resulted in the new production line – tests for determining pregnancy, metabolites of narcotic drugs and infectious diseases.

Doctor Marchiotti humbly considers himself a mentor rather than the Chairman of the Board. He is keen on passing his dedication to science, visionary ideas and creativity in designing new lines of products on to younger generations of BioGnost's team. Being a passionate orienteering and skiing enthusiast, he spends his free time in nature. During interviews he often relates his two passions – sports and work:


"Leading a company is like rowing an eight. I am the coxswain and my employees are the rowers that I steer. Problems do exist, but I perceive them as challenges. I like the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”; if this was easy work, then everybody would be doing it".



Mirjana Marchiotti-Ulip


Mirjana Marchiotti-Ulip, MPharm, spent 29 years working in Zagreb City Pharmacy before joining her husband in founding their own company in 1990. She has been greatly supportive of her husband since the very beginning, and she has been participating in every aspect of BioGnost's rise ever since. By successfully managing finances and company's investments, she has made it possible for Doctor Marchiotti to create and develop innovative products in the field of immunohematology, and later on in other fields of biomedicine. We are very proud of Pharmacist Marchiotti-Ulip's role in registering our medicinal products in the Agency for medicinal products and medical devices registry.

Mirjana Marchiotti-Ulip deals with uncollected receivables while duly settling BioGnost's liabilities. Her sporting spirit and optimistic view of the future motivate BioGnost's employees for an even more dedicated work.