BioGnost is constantly enhancing its diagnostic products’ quality, especially gynecologic cytology and hematology reagents.

The Papanicolaou staining reagents are of essential significance for detecting cervical cancer, various inflammation processes and cellular changes. Those reagents include Hematoxylin HP (nuclear staining), OG-6 Pap reagent (keratin staining in cells) and EA 31/EA 50/EA 65 Pap reagents (staining the cytoplasm of metabolically active cells). We made a special effort to increase stability of each reagent in order to prolong its shelf life, prevent settling and increase the staining capacity of each reagent. This in turn makes filtration unnecessary, prevents creation of artifacts and reagents can stain more preparations. Depending on the operating standard of a diagnostic laboratory, we are pleased to offer a few different EA reagents with characteristic nuances.

The May-Grünwald and Giemsa diagnostic reagents are among the most commonly used ones in the field of hematology. Whether they are used in everyday  medical-biochemical or hematological laboratories, it is important to display a detailed image of blood cells morphology, especially of leukocyte chromatins. By enhancing our reagents range we have achieved an optimal level of cell fixation and blue to red ratio, resulting in a clear image of chromatin details, as well as clearly visible cell and nuclear membrane. We developed a staining kit for rapid blood smear staining; these enable making a diagnosis in less than one minute’s time. The pH value of solutions used for washing out the preparations or diluting the Giemsa reagent is extremely important. While during the May-Grünwald and Giemsa staining processes the pH 6.8 buffer solutions are used, during the rapid staining process (using the Bio-Diff kit), the pH 7.2 buffer solutions are utilized.


This product range offers the pH 6.8 and pH 7.2 Buffer tablets that speed up and make the preparation of buffer solutions easier. By combining and mixing the 6.8 and 7.2 buffer solutions it is possible to achieve pH value of 7.0. Each Bio-Diff kit includes the pH 7.2 Buffer tablets.