BioGnost's production activity began with immunohematology production line. Since the very beginning our goal has been production of high quality, fast and reliable diagnostic devices that enable accurate immunohematologic diagnoses. The first products in this line were the ABO and Rh blood typing reagents. Currently this range contains more than 70 products, many of which are a part of the MonoGnost brand.

Some of the line’s most notable products include the ABO and Rh blood typing reagents, as well as many other hematology diagnostic reagents (AHG, Alsever, Bio-Liss, Albumin 22%, Bromelin). The reagents’ quality and reliability provide exceptional results.

The production line was expanded by distributing renowned foreign companies’ products, as well as consumables and transfusion medicine equipment. Foreign companies such as Immucor, Dominion, Sanquin and Grifols are our longtime business partners and are also among the most influential manufacturers of immunohematology reagents.

Distributors of: