BioGnost's laboratory equipment sales range consists of wide selection of high quality products. Our products are made of glass, plastic and high quality metal, both sterile and non-sterile, for single or multiple use.

The range consists of more than 30 types of VitroGnost glass slides and cover glasses, cotton and viscous swabs, transport swabs, glass and plastic tubes, tapered bottom centrifuge tubes, cryotube vials and boxes, PCR tubes and  racks, loops, microplates, Petri dishes, droppers, capillaries and pipette extensions. We also offer watch glasses, glass containers of various sizes for staining samples and matching metal racks.

Sampling equipment range includes a wide selection of cervical and cytology brushes and spatulas, and we single out our branded BioSwab kits used for sampling and safe transport of clinical samples, as well as maintaining the samples’ viability until laboratory testing.