It is a great honor and privilege to introduce BioGnost. As a Doctor of immunology and transfusion medicine, I have long desired starting my own business. With support of my wife Mirjana Marchiotti-Ulip, MPharm, I founded BioGnost in 1990 and have since boldly taken on new business challenges.

Our everyday business is shaped by clear missions, visions and goals. That includes caring about your needs, as well as a high level of both ethically and socially responsible business conduct, which makes us a sought-after business partner and employer.

Our image and integrity, which are the key features of every business, are based on knowledge, skills, experience and our employees’ dedicated effort. Bearing that in mind, with pride I point out the fact that we are the regional leader in manufacture of immunohematologic and immunochromatographic in vitro diagnostic devices. Our entire business is being managed in accordance with the European ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards, and we have also received a number of awards and recognitions. Some of them are the Hrvatska kuna award for outstanding business results in the years 2000 and 2002, Zlatna kuna, the Croatian Chamber of Economy plaque for the most successful small trading company in 2003, and The most successful Croatian small business entity in 2004.

We currently offer more than 2000 highly standardized and high-quality products from our ranges of hematology, histopathology, immunohematology, immunochromatographic tests, laboratory kits, medical equipment, microbiology, microscopy and transfusiology. Approximately 170 products are our brand names: AbuGnost, GraviGnost, OvuGnost, DOA MultiGnost, StreptoGnost, UriGnost, HemoGnost, GlukoGnost, UlcoGnost, CoproHemoGnost, VitroGnost, BioWax, BioMount, BioGram, BioSap and BioProtecta.

Besides manufacturing and selling our own brand names, we represent foreign business partners in Croatia and neighboring countries, as well as distributing their products.

Contact us without hesitation because our sales range, in accordance with the company policy, represents only the highest quality service as well as our manufacture verified by the quality certificates.

We are ready to fulfill all of your demands and justify your trust!

Ivan Marchiotti