The microbiology product range consists of a wide range of high quality microbiology products, including rapid tests for detecting infectious diseases, consumables present in every microbiology laboratory, such as plastic products, dehydrated culture media, animal blood used as supplement for culture media, antibiotic discs, immunofluorescence kits and other products.

Along with our production of rapid tests for detecting infective diseases and supplements based on sheep, horse, bovine and rabbit blood (BioSap), we plan starting our own production line of ready liquid and solid culture media.

Our range consists of high quality equipment and consumables designed for fast and quality analysis of food, water and cosmetics quality tests.

We also offer Real Time polymerase chain reaction kits for detection of pathogens in food industry and clinical microbiology.

We represent:

Microbiologics Inc.
Microgen Bioproducts


We distribute:

Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech Co, Ltd
Biocientifica S.A.
Himedia Laboratories Pvt.
AniBiotech Oy