Your satisfaction and trust mirror our employees' efforts that result in quality and efficient BioGnost's products and services. During the course of our longtime business practice we have collaborated with general hospitals, clinical hospitals and general county hospitals, clinical hospital centers, numerous privately owned clinics and polyclinics, medical biochemistry laboratories, health care institutions and national institutes of public health. In order to promote health and prevent substance dependence, we participate in many projects and programs devised by various non-government organizations, governing bodies and institutions.




There have been many telephone inquiries about purchasing our products. We emphasize the cooperation with pharmaceutical wholesalers that distribute a part of our products through pharmacies. Some of those products include GraviGnost pregnancy tests, OvuGnost tests for detecting ovulation, AbuGnost tests for detecting one type of illegal drugs in urine, DOA MultiGnost panels for detecting several types of illegal drugs in urine, GlukoGnost tests for controlling blood glucose level, UriGnost tests for determining several biochemical urine parameters, universal lancets, and BioSwab disinfectant swabs.



We distribute our products and offer services in:
-clinical hospitals
-clinical hospital centers
-general hospitals
-general county hospitals
-private clinics and polyclinics
-medical biochemistry laboratories
-health care institutions
-national institutes of public health
-pharmaceutical wholesalers
-governing bodies and institutions
-various non-profit organizations