Members of our Research and Development department are constantly developing new products and creative solutions that fulfill the needs of the market. An innovative approach to development of complex manufacturing processes is clearly visible in our commercial building.

Those processes are utilized in the manufacture of reagents and solutions that are always of high quality and of optimal performance due to the standardized process. Our employees’ experience is also a part of the process, especially in the fields of biochemistry, pharmaceutics and related sciences.

We have paid special attention to hospitals’ needs for pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. This pertains to our microscopy, microbiology, in vitro diagnostic medical devices, laboratory diagnostics and transfusiology ranges.

Manufacturing biomedical and pharmaceutical products, chemical reagents and related products in line with the latest trends on the global market are the result of our research work.


Cytology reagents

BioGnost is constantly enhancing its diagnostic products’ quality, especially gynecologic cytology and hematology reagents.
The Papanicolaou staining reagents are of essential significance for detecting cervical cancer, various inflammation processes and cellular changes...find out more

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