Društvena odgovornost
On a higher level, our business activity has a positive and recognizable social responsibility. In accordance with the company's development strategy, we are actively engaged in a variety of sponsorships and humanitarian activities in the fields of science, education, culture, art, sports and, of course, health. Our goal is to raise humanitarian awareness and create perspective for the young, both within the company and in the local and wider community.
We strongly believe that that our employees, business partners and associates deserve to live and work in an alcohol and drug-free surrounding. Being a company that strives to create a healthy and efficient work environment, in 2006 we went one step ahead and became the first company in Croatia to implement the professional Safety measures for protecting work environment from harmful alcohol and substance abuse influence. These measures were enhanced by the internal Code of conduct that obligates every employee to actively promote and respect human rights in business environment.
Education and raising awareness of health promotion and preventing substance abuse in the community is being shown through collaboration with governing bodies and institutions. We highlight a longtime collaboration with The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia in creating “Together against drugs” parental advisory manual, as well as “Drugs in traffic – influence of illegal substances on traffic safety” brochure. We take pride in our collaboration with the City of Zagreb City Office for Health, Labor and Social Welfare in creating “All for against” substance abuse prevention project. Our goal is further development and participation in projects and programs similar to these.