One Step AP Detection System

Product Description

A system of five reagents for immunohistochemical staining visualization.

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One Step AP Detection System is a kit that consists of five reagents and it is used for the visualization procedure of immunohistochemical staining of samples fixed with formalin or glyoxal and embedded in paraffin blocks. The polymerized secondary antibody technology conjugated with alkaline peroxidase enables blocking of endogenous biotin and its background signal. RED working solution consists of four components – RED Concentrate, RED Activating Reagent, RED Buffer and RED substrate. With the presence of alkaline phosphatase enzyme conjugated to the secondary antibody, at the location of the RED antigen the working solution forms a red precipitate not soluble in water and organic solvents (but it is soluble in alcohol), therefore it is recommended to match the preparation with a water-based medium. RED working solution is stable up to 30 minutes after mixing. One Step AP Detection System is effective with mouse and rabbit primary antibodies.

Technical Data

Trade name: One Step AP Detection System
Chemical name:
Catalogue number: IHC-1DCAP-X**

Available volumes:
for 100 tests

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