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Specialist at Your Service

Specialist at Your Service

Ms Ivana Šestak Panižić Research and Development

In cooperation with creative and professional team of experts we are making products easily recognizable and accepted by the customers. For us there are no obstacles, just challenges of creating a new and innovative product.

Mr Vladimir Ramljak Finalization and Production

In a market that’s constantly evolving and growing in demand, BioGnost’s histopathology production team is always striving to provide our customers with high quality products. We are continuously working to enhance our production capabilities to be ready and able to quickly respond to any request.

Ms Sandra Ban Miscroscopy / Histopathology / Cytology

I enjoy the work I do as business unit manager for microscopy, histology and cytology sales range I’ve been leading since its inception. I always work with our customers with a smile because you, our dear customers, are always the most important 🙂 !

Mr Ivan Dolšak Veterinary Medicine / Rapid Diagnostics Tests

With my education and expertise in Veterinary Medicine I am glad to answer any questions and help my colleagues. Also I am proud to be a part of the Pharmacy Diagnostic Tests marketing and sales team. Work in sales and marketing is highly challenging, but my team is open for every challenge.

Ms Dora Tomašković Rapid Diagnostic Tests

With my previous experience in sales I’m proud to be a part of BioGnost Pharmacy diagnostic rapid tests Marketing and Sales team. I’m responsible for communication with customers by visiting them, presenting new products and meeting our customers’ needs, all in order to establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. “

Mr Andrej Kupres Rapid Diagnostics Tests

I am a part of rapid tests sales range marketing team. My job as an expert associate includes communication with customers, handling their orders and product inquiries, and engaging in other sales and marketing activities. My field of expertise are rapid lateral flow immunochromatographic tests for detection of metabolites of illegal substances and urinalysis reagent test strips.

Ms Pavla Obadić Microbiology

My primary job at microbiology sales and marketing team is to communicate with customers and handle different inquries regarding wide spectrum of growth medium bases, rapid immunochromatographic tests and other microbiology products. With laboratory experience and knowledge, I’m happy to assist you with any inquries.

Ms Viktorija Liber OEM Production

My job as an expert associate in microscopy, histopathology, and cytology sales range includes communication with customers, processing their orders and solving different inquiries. I also handle OEM production inquiries, defining our customers’ needs for manufacturing, packaging and custom labeling.

Ms Tamara Dukić Logistics

I have been a proud member of the BioGnost team since 2012, a company that has the ability to take risks, think outside the box and that is constantly evolving. In the Logistics Department, not a single day is the same and every day is a challenge. Our mission is to provide you with a professional and efficient solution on time.

Microscopy / Histopathology / Cytology

Sales and Marketing Director

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Veterinary Medicine / Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Senior Expert Associate

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Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Senior Expert Associate

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Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Expert Associate

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Expert Associate

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Finalization and Production

Product finalization and manufacture Manager

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Research and Development

Head of Research and Development

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OEM Production

OEM Manager

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Logistics operator

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