Veterinary Medicine

The program has been launched in 2010. with a goal to ease and improve the veterinary medicine doctors’ work by offering high-quality and reliable products. Our line of veterinary rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases in dogs and cats is divided into CaniGnost and FeliGnost products.

CaniGnost product line of canine rapid diagnostic tests includes tests for the detection of parvovirus antigen and/or coronavirus enteritis antigen – CaniGnost COMBO PARVO/CORONA;  Giardia spp. antigen and/or parvovirus antigen and/or coronavirus enteritis antigen – CaniGnost COMBO PARVO/CORONA/GIARDIA.

FeliGnost line consists of rapid diagnostic tests for feline infectious diseases which include tests for detecting feline immunodeficiency virus antigen and/or feline leukemia virus antigen FeliGnost COMBO FIV/FeLV.

BioGnost Pepsin Reagent Kit – for detection of trichinella larvae in meat by the artificial digestion method
Trichinellosis is a parasitic zoonose caused by roundworms of the Trichinella spp. In the Republic of Croatia it is being effectively suppressed by the national legislation. Inspection of domestic and wild pig, horse meat as well as other animal meat, which could be an infection reservoir, is one of the basic measures for preventing human infection.

Methods for detection, suppression and eradication of the disease are part of the Trichinellosis control program regulated by the national law. Due to its prominent epidemic potential, it is still a significant Public Health issue. To prevent the transmission of the disease from the infected meat to humans, meat is inspected by the artificial digestion method with a magnetic stirrer. The EU legislation uses this method as a referent one thus it is the only one applied in Croatia. The muscle sample for the analysis should ideally be taken from the pillar of the diaphragm, cutting along the thick meaty part as close to the ribs as possible (a border part between muscles and tendons). BioGnost Pepsin reagent Kit consists of Pepsin and BioKlor 25 reagent. Reagents are also available to be sold separately.

BioGnost Bio-Diff Kit – three-reagent kit used in hematology

Bio-Diff Kit is used for quick and effective staining of blood and bone marrow smears. The kit contains a fixative and red and blue solution which combined, result in purple shades typical for the Romanowsky effect (comparable to May Gruenwald and Giemsa stains). Each component of the Bio-Diff Kit is stabilized and produced with high-quality standards. Reagents are also available to be sold separately.

BioGnost LTD is involved in equipping veterinary clinics. We are the distributors for a wide range of surgical, internist and obstetrics equipment (e.g. surgical instruments, surgical threads, dental and electrocautery equipment).