Secondary antibodies

Our polymerized secondary antibody technology allows results in a more sensitive and specific staining reaction while maintaining a clean and clear background. All of our polymer kits reduce the number of steps in immunohistochemical staining as they replace traditional biotin-streptavidin procedure.

One Step Polymer HRP and Two Step Polymer HRP are polymerized secondary antibodies and conjugated with a large number of horseradish peroxidases (HRP) that enable stronger signal intensity and clear background. They are effective with mouse and rabbit primary antibodies. Two Step Polymer HRP contains component 1, signal amplifier for use with mouse and rabbit primary antibody and component 2, polymer labeled with HRP enzyme and secondary antibodies, reduced to Fab’ fragment. Component 1 enhances the binding of component 2 and results in a stronger signal with a more diluted primary antibody. Also, in a shorter period of time, only 10 + 10 minutes, compared to the usual secondary antibodies, it enables an intense staining reaction. This saves you money and time. One Step Polymer AP is one-component system conjugated with alkaline phosphatase (AP) that is effective with primary antibodies from mouse and rabbit.

Here are some additional benefits of using our secondary antibodies:
• They are compatible with a wide range of primary antibodies
• They can be used to stain a variety of tissue types
• They have a high signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in clear and consistent staining
• They are easy to use and can be used manually or on automated strainers