Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for showing interest in purchasing BioGnost’s products. We appreciate our customers and it is our goal to make your ordering and purchasing experience as simple as possible. If you do have any questions about our quotation or ordering process, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or telephone.

With that in mind, listed below are the contract terms and conditions under which we sell our products and offer services. These terms, together with our quotation comprise the Contract between BioGnost and the customer, intended for purchase and sale of products and services. The Contract is created when we accept your order, either by sending a written confirmation, or by shipping the Product or otherwise initiating action to provide with what you have ordered.

All orders for products placed by Customer will be in writing, or if placed by telephone, it will be confirmed in writing within 2 business days after telephone order. Orders should include the name of the goods, the code of the goods, the description, and the required quantity. Minimum order amount: €200.00. Handling fee is €15.00 for orders under €200.00 (excluding samples).

All orders for products by Manufacturer will be subjected to written acceptance by Manufacturer and will not be binding until Customer’s confirmation.

Last minute adding of products to orders already placed is allowed within three business days after placing the order. For any additional orders, BioGnost will re-evaluate the previously established shipment date according to product and shipping availability.

BioGnost reserves the right to suspend the delivery of further goods if the terms of payment are not strictly adhered to by the customer.
By placing an order, Customer accepts the herewith-stated conditions, modification of which requires BioGnost’s written consent.

The goods travel at Customer’s risk, Ex Works Zagreb (unless otherwise expressly agreed) according to INCOTERMS 2010 through a forwarder selected by the Customer. Delivery note and commercial invoice are attached to the shipment; any other kind of documents must be requested by the Customer in advance.

Dimensions, weight, and cost of shipment (in case the Customer opts for BioGnost organizing the transport) can only be calculated after the goods have been manufactured and prepared for shipment.

BioGnost will use reasonable efforts to meet the Customer’s requested shipment schedules for the Products, without binding promises. The shipment time will be extended by force majeure or by all obstacles that by reasonable means cannot be influenced by BioGnost.

Payments should be made in advance by bank transfer. Changes of conditions will be agreed with BioGnost and will appear on the Invoice.

All prices are quoted as net prices and do not include Value Added Tax, which is to be paid additionally by the Customer in the amount specified by applicable law. Unless otherwise agreed in written notice, all the payments must be in euros.

Return may not be made without prior advice and authorization by BioGnost, otherwise it will be refused and sent back at Customer’s charge.

To make a return, please repackage carefully and include the following information:

  1. Customer’s name and address.
  2. Customer’s telephone number.
  3. Original purchase order number.
  4. BioGnost invoice number.
  • Items that are ordered in error and are returned are subject to a 15% restocking charge.
  • Returns are not accepted after 60 days from the date of invoice.
  • Shipments should be inspected immediately upon receipt.
  • All breakages and discrepancy claims must be reported immediately to the carrier at receipt. BioGnost cannot be held responsible for shortage or breakage caused by the transport.
  • All goods being returned for credit must be in 100% saleable condition.
  • Any transit damage/breakage will be at the Customer’s expense.

BioGnost warrants that the Products comply with any applicable Product specification, that the Products are of merchantable quality and free from any defects, whether due to faulty designs, poor material or poor workmanship, and that the Products are newly manufactured.

The warranty does not apply to defects caused by use, storage, or handling in an improper, inadequate manner, such as failure to follow instructions for use, or protocols, operation outside of stated environmental or specifications, or operation with unapproved materials or other products.

The ownership of the products will pass to the Customer only after the payment is done.
The manufacture and then shipment will be done after receiving the copy of the payment confirmation via fax or e-mail.

In case of Customer’s order cancellation, 3 days after receiving BioGnost’s order confirmation, BioGnost has the right to require the recognition of a penalty.

The Customer can place orders for goods intended solely and exclusively for the Nation where it is established. Any export outside the territory of the Customer, must be authorized in writing from BioGnost in advance. In case of failure by the Customer a penalty will be due immediately to BioGnost.

Every necessary rises in prices will be announced from BioGnost at least one week before the price becomes effective. BioGnost will be entitled to adjust prices agreed upon in the event of increases in cost-determining factors (such as fluctuations in exchange rates, raw material, labor costs or in the event of government measures), provided that such increases or measured occurred after the conclusion of the agreement but before delivery.

For more information regarding product samples pricing, contact BioGnost’s sales representatives.

All the references and characteristics of the products listed in the catalog are not binding and they can be renewed without any prior notice. Physical copy of catalog is available free of charge with Customer covering transport costs.

BioGnost is obliged to verify that all the products sold in a country are in conformity with the laws in force in the country where the product is marketed and sold.

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with the Contract, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, will be finally settled by arbitration administered by the Commercial Court in Zagreb.