World Diabetes Day commemoration held in Varaždin


World Diabetes Day commemoration held in Varaždin

World Diabetes Day is held on 14 November, according to the recommendation of International Diabetes Federation. Every 11th person suffers from it – 425 million people ages 20 to 79 and further 352 million are in risk of succumbing to it.

In coordination with the Varaždin Diabetes Prevention Society, BioGnost Ltd. organized free blood glucose level measuring using VivaChek glucose meters and strips, as well as EKG monitoring using the Wiwe device. The event took place at the Varaždin main town square.

The goal of this campaign was raising awareness about influence of diabetes on health, educating family and the afflicted, prevention and importance of role the family has in caring and treating the sufferers. Continuing on the event, our expert associate Ivan Dolšak held a lecture in the Varaždin General Hospital named ‘Diabetes and stroke prevention’. Judging by the audience’s comment, the lecture was extremely interesting and very useful.

The event was also attended by Robert Vugrin, the Varaždin County deputy prefect, and Lovorka Horvat, Head of the Administrative Department of health care, social care and civil society. Our colleagues Dora Tomašković and Ivan Dolšak presented them with BioGnost’s business activities and goals, and also measured their EKGs using the Wiwe device.

With its many years of experience in medical diagnostics, BioGnost Ltd. considers human health a top priority and we gladly respond to this kind of events.