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World Diabetes Day commemoration in Jastrebarsko


World Diabetes Day commemoration in Jastrebarsko

On the occasion of commemorating World Diabetes Day (14 November), The Jastrebarsko Diabetic Association organized a whole range of activities throughout the week, such as educational lectures, blood glucose level, blood pressure and body mass index measuring free of charge for all the citizens of Jastrebarsko, Slunj and surrounding municipalities. The goal of that event was to raise awareness and educate about influence and consequences of diabetes, and how to detect it in timely manner.

BioGnost Ltd. sponsored the event through donating VivaChek glucose meter and strips that were used throughout the entire event. BioGnost Ltd. also partially co-financed blue T-shirts received by all the participants of the ‘Sweet blue lap around the castle’, the final event held on Sunday, 17 November.

The event was also attended by our colleagues Ivan Dolšak and Dora Tomašković – they were monitoring EKG status of all the participants using Wiwe device, before and after the walk around the Erdӧdy castle. Besides the EKG, at the same time checking blood sugar levels was conducted using VivaChek strips, and each participant received a new VivaChek glucose meter. A millennium photo was taken after the walk with all the participants donning blue T-shirts with VivaChek logo (among others) and forming a ‘blue’ circle, representing the symbol of this event.

VivaChek was distinguished as a main device for measuring blood glucose level in this praiseworthy event, enabling the attendees to get acquainted with the device and its advantages firsthand, because they received a brochure about gratis strips with glucose meters. One of the reasons for such a big turnout was also quick and simple EKG status monitoring using the Wiwe device, which was also a great opportunity for promoting BioGnost Ltd.