Azan Trichrome kit

Product Description

Five-reagent kit for connective tissue staining according to Mallory. Used for visualization of muscle fibers, collagen, glial cells, glomerular cells and erythrocytes.

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Azan Trichrome kit is a modification of Mallory Trichrome kit for staining connective tissue. It is used for visualizing muscles, collagen fibers, glial cells, glomerular cells, chromatins and erythrocytes of the same section. The kit contains two acid dyes: Azocarmine G and Aniline Blue counterstain. Azocarmine G is used at the beginning stage of the staining procedure, and Aniline Blue is used at the final stage after the section is treated with phosphomolybdic acid. In order to achieve high-quality staining results, it is necessary to stain the section using Azocarmine G and then differentiate it progressively using aniline alcoholic solution in order to enable counterstaining of certain structures (such as collagen) of the section.

Technical Data

Chemical name:
Catalogue number: AZT-X**

Available volumes:
for 100 tests
5x250 mL

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Transport information:
Transporting/shipment by road (ADR) - Not classified
Transporting/shipment by sea (IMDG) - Not classified
Transporting/shipment by air (ICAO-TI/IATA-DGR) - Not classified

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