BioFix GL

Product Description

Buffered and stabilized glyoxal solution. Suitable for fixing smaller tissue samples and biopsy materials.

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An impeccable sample fixation is a prerequisite for a correct histological diagnosis. Tissue samples must be immersed in an optimally chosen fixative immediately after sampling, because a timely fixation will prevent autolysis, putrefaction and other unwanted cellular changes. Glyoxal-based fixatives are an innovation in the field of histopathology, and they’re characterized by non-toxicity and lesser environment impact compared to formalin fixatives. Tissue fixing with buffered glyoxal solution results in preserved tissue and cell morphology as well as better compatibility for further use of immunohistochemistry methods and methods requiring nucleic acids preservation. If fixated properly, the tissue sample can withstand additional histological tissue processing and staining. The solution is suitable for fixing bioptic specimens and smaller tissue samples. It is a light yellow solution with a characteristic odor, ready for use. Optimal molarity buffer is used for securing permanent pH range for optimal fixation, and by adding ethyl alcohol reactions get accelerated; this is why glyoxal-based fixatives require shorter fixing periods. Suitable for use in all automated tissue sampling devices as well as for manual histology techniques.

Technical Data

Trade name: BIOFIX GL
Chemical name:
Catalogue number: BFGL-X**

Available volumes:
500 mL
1 L
5 L

Storing, stability and expiry date:

Transport information:
Transporting/shipment by road (ADR) - UN1170, Ethanol solution, 3, III
ADR: Special provision 144 - Aqueous solution containing 24% or less alcohol volume, not subjected to classification.
Transporting/shipment by sea (IMDG) - UN1170, Ethanol solution, 3, III
Transporting/shipment by air (ICAO-TI/IATA-DGR) - UN1170, Ethanol solution, 3, III
IATA: Special provision A58 - Aqueous solution containing 24% or less alcohol volume, not subjected to classification.

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