DeMask Tris (10x) pH 9.0

Product Description

Tris buffer solution concentrate for antigen epitope retrieval at pH 9.0.

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DeMask Tris (10x) pH 9.0 is a concentrated buffer for heat-induced epitope unmasking. The process of unmasking the epitope of the antigen is carried out using a device for that purpose or using a microwave oven so that the primary antibody specifically binds to the epitope during the immunohistochemical reaction. This buffer is intended for histological preparations fixed with formalin and embedded in paraffin. Application of this buffer significantly enhances the specific signal of immunohistochemical staining. It contains detergent that helps permeabilize the cell membrane and emulsify paraffin residues on the preparation.

Technical Data

Trade name: DeMask Tris (10x) pH 9.0
Chemical name: -
Catalogue number: IHC-DMT10x-X**

Available volumes:
500 mL
1 L

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