Product Description

Reagent based on aliphatic hydrocarbons intended for deparaffinization and brightening of preparations, used in professional manual and automatic immunohistochemical staining.

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BioGnost’s DeWax is aliphatic hydrocarbons-based xylene substitute used as an agent for deparaffinization and clearing tissue sections and cytology smears. It is used with sections from tissue fixed using formalin or glyoxal and embedded in paraffin. It does not cause irritation or hypersensitivity, it is weakly toxic and weakly reactive. It penetrates tissue quickly and it efficiently removes adipose tissues. It is miscible with alcohol which makes it an ideal intermedium between alcohol and section mounting medium. It can be used with both manual and automated immunohistochemical staining.

Technical Data

Trade name: DeWax
Chemical name: -
Catalogue number: IHC-DW-X**

Available volumes:
1 L

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