Hematoxylin COL

Product Description

Modified hematoxylin according to Cole, contains iodine. Weaker intensity reagent for progressive and regressive staining in histopathology.

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BioGnost’s Hematoxylin COL is a formulation of hematoxylin used in histopathology for nuclear cell staining. It can be used instead of Hematoxylin M (Mayer’s Hematoxylin) Unlike Hematoxylin M (used only in progressive staining method), Hematoxylin COL is used in both progressive and regressive staining methods. Hematoxylin is extracted from logwood (Haematoxylon campechianum L.). Hematoxylin oxidizes to hematein and binds with metal ions (mordants), hematein turns into irreplaceable nuclear color. Positively charged hematein-mordant complex then binds with negatively charged phosphate ions of the DNA’s nucleus, creating characteristic blue coloration. BioGnost’s modified Hematoxylin COL is oxidized with iodine and ready for instant use.

Technical Data

Chemical name:
Catalogue number: HEMCO-OT-X**

Available volumes:
100 mL
500 mL
1 L

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Transport information:
Transporting/shipment by road (ADR) - Not classified
Transporting/shipment by sea (IMDG) - Not classified
Transporting/shipment by air (ICAO-TI/IATA-DGR) - Not classified

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