Histanol IP

Product Description

Absolute isopropyl alcohol for use in microscopy.

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BioGnost’s Histanol IP is isopropyl alcohol miscible with water, ethanol, and most organic solvents. It is often used in processes utilizing microwave sample treating. This alcohol does not cause excessive tissue hardening or shrinking. The main properties of isopropyl alcohol include low molecular mass, characteristic smell, being a solvent and disinfectant at the same time. Synonyms for isopropyl alcohol are 2-Propanol and isopropanol. It is very often used as a substitute for ethanol.

Technical Data

Trade name: HISTANOL IP
Chemical name: Isopropanol; 2-propanol; Propan-2-ol
Catalogue number: HIP-X**

Available volumes:
1 L
5 L
10 L

Storing, stability and expiry date:

Transport information:
Transporting/shipment by road (ADR) - UN1219, Isopropanol, 3, II
Transporting/shipment by sea (IMDG) - UN1219, Isopropanol, 3, II
Transporting/shipment by air (ICAO-TI/IATA-DGR) - UN1219, Isopropanol, 3, II

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