Ladewig’s Trichrome kit

Product Description

Four-reagent kit for staining muscle (brown to red) and collagen fibers with blue counterstain. Staining procedure is easier and faster compared to Masson and Mallory Trichrome staining procedures.

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Ladewig’s Trichrome kit is used for staining histology sections, with emphasis on muscle and collagen tissue differential counterstaining. The staining procedure is shorter and simpler compared to other BioGnost’s Trichrome kits (Masson and Mallory) because during incubation performed only with the Ladewig’s reagent all the target structures are being stained at the same time. Ladewig’s reagent contains Aniline blue dye that binds to collagen enabling characteristic blue coloration; Acid Fuchsin stains contrasting structures red, and Orange G stains erythrocytes.

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