LeukoGnost HEM

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Hematoxylin for use with LeukoGnost kits.

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BioGnost’s LeukoGnost HEM is a hematoxylin used as nuclear dye for counterstaining cellular nuclei. It is recommended for progressive staining for kits from LeukoGnost range for cytochemical diagnosis of leukemias. LeukoGnost HEM reagent does not interfere with specific stainings that occur during usage of kit. LeukoGnost HEM is a highly-stable hematoxylin and one of formulations of hematoxylin used in histopathology and cytology for a more precise nuclear cell staining. Cellular nuclei are stained intensely deep blue during staining blood sections and bone marrow sections.
Hematoxylin is extracted from logwood (Haematoxylon campechianum L.). Hematoxylin oxidates to hematein and binds with metal ions (mordants), hematein turns into irreplaceable nuclear dye. Positively charged hematein-mordant complex then binds with negatively charged phosphate ions of the DNA’s nucleus, creating characteristic blue coloration. LeukoGnost HEM is a 50% oxydized hematoxylin, with aluminum as mordant and stabilized using glycols.

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