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Additional set of reagents for use with LeukoGnost kits.

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For adequate enzymatic activity of leukocytes of the whole blood, bone marrow or other cytology materials, it is necessary to properly fix the preparations. LeukoGnost Fixative reagent is used for fixing biological materials that can later be used in various cytochemical methods, including BioGnost’s kits for diagnosing leukemia, available in LeukoGnost range. The fixative enables optimal enzymatic activity preservation, relevant for setting adequate clinical diagnosis.
BioGnost’s LeukoGnost HEM is hematoxylin used as a dye for counterstaining cell nuclei. Progressive staining with kits from LeukoGnost range for cytochemical leukemia diagnostic is recommended. LeukoGnost HEM does not interfere with specific coloration that occurs during staining. LeukoGnost HEM is a highly stable hematoxylin and one of the hematoxylin formulations used in histopathology and cytology for a more precise nuclear cell staining. Cell nuclei are stained intense dark blue during staining blood and bone marrow sections. Hematoxylin is extracted from logwood (Haematoxylon campechianum L.). Hematoxylin is oxidized to hematein and chelates with metal ions (mordants), hematein turns into irreplaceable nuclear dye. Positively charged hematein-mordant complex then binds with negatively charged DNA phosphate ions, creating characteristic blue nuclear coloration. LeukoGnost HEM is 50% oxidized hematoxylin, with added aluminum as mordant and glycols as stabilizers.
BioGnost’s BioMount Aqua is a water-based medium for covering microscope sections and mounting cover glasses. It provides the expected section transparency by using refractive index similar to refractive index of cover glasses and glass slides; this way the unwanted light refraction is avoided by providing clear and detailed image of the section. It is used for processing sections tested for enzymes and lipids, i.e. for testing samples that must not be dehydrated through series of ascending alcohol solutions and be cleared using xylene and xylene substitutes.

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