Liquid Blocker (Pap pen) marker pen

Product Description

Liquid Blocker contains hydrophobic liquid as a water repellent barrier around specimens or sections. Useful in immunohistochemistry that uses small amount of antiserum. Multiple specimens can be separated by drown circles or lines applied to the same slide.

REF Option Quantity
ML-1 1 pc


Liquid Blocker (Pap Pen) makes a water repellent circle which avoids the procedure to wipe-out around the section as used to at every staining of antiserum. Since serum is guarded by the Liquid Blocker circle, it is assured of getting successful work-out in staining. Circle made by Liquid Blocker is removable by xylene.  Since it is not influenced by water-soluble mounting media, there is no interruption for the microscopic observation. This water repllent Liquid Blocker is also applicable to the microwave staining, in situ hibridization, etc.

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