Sudan Black B ECO kit

Product Description

Phenol-free three-reagent kit for staining neutrophil granules in hematological smears.

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BioGnost’s Sudan Black B Eco kit is a phenol-free product making this kit more reliable and safer compared to other kits of the same type and purpose. It is used in cytochemistry for staining neutrophil granules in blood smears and bone marrow smears. The result of staining the leukocytes with Sudan Black B dye is similar to the result of staining with myeloperoxidase in leukocytes (for instance, LeukoGnost MPO). The difference compared to myeloperoxidase activity detection in leukocytes is in intensity of eosinophilic staining; they are more weakly stained using Sudan Black B kit. Cells of lymphoid line will not be stained with Sudan Black B dye, while myeloid and monocytoid cells will demonstrate characteristic positive reaction. This is the reason why Sudan Black B is used in methods of determining myelocytic and myelomonocytic leukemia.
Kit is designed for individual testing of horizontally placed sections and contains reagents sufficient for at least 100 tests of specific esterase activity detection in leukocytes. Reagents are applied until the section is entirely covered.

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